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Babysitter In North Lakes


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We've been in Australia for just over 2 years now, and it's always a problem to go somewhere without the kids if you don't have a babysitter you can trust. So I thought I would share the experience I had with the South African (Afrikaans speaking, but fluent in English) granny we used recently when we had to go to my husband's work function.

She was fantastic! We used a baby sitter once before, but this experience was so different, I really felt that I could trust her and that she would look after the kids. The did more than that ... she looked after them with love! Took them to a park for a play, bathed them, read stories to my 3 year old daughter and then played lego with my 5 year old son because he wouldn't settle down without mommy and daddy ... until he finally fell asleep at 23:45. This lady comes highly recommended, so if you're looking for someone who you can trust with your precious ones and you're desperate for that night out of even just a drink at the local tavern without the kids ... look no further!

PM me if you want her details, you won't be sorry!

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