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Accounting/bookkeeping/admin - Perth


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Hi there,

We're trying a different approach to the norm. My wife and son is set to travel to Perth mid March to go start up things that end whilst I round up things in SA and keep one income going.

She will initially stay by friends, but hope to get settled into a job asap to get a place of her own. She is well skilled in general bookkeeping and has trained herself in MYOB. She also has four years experience in hospitality management in the selfcatering industry. She would however be looking at bookkeeping positions where we believe there will be bigger demand.

My son has finished Gr 12 in 2010 and is looking to enter the workforce. Some waitering experience, but would gladly take on any opportunity to get experience and skills development. He will commence part-time studies as soon as we have settled.

For myself, I'm looking at the maintenance industry. Trade qualified electronics technician, defence radar systems and facilities backround, which renders me skilled in anything electrical, mechanical, electronics, as well as general building and facilities maintenance. I hold an Australian post graduate qualification in Maintenance Management.

Ohh, and we do have PR.

Please PM if you can support us in any way with strong leads to opportunities. We'd also like to hear from anyone that knows of cheap furnished rental options in Perth from April.

We decided on Perth for starting up, but could be flexible should there be any opportunities anywhere else.

Warm Southern Cape regards ;)

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Hi there, dont know of any leads etc but welcome and hope you enjoy it as much as we do :)

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I see that you have PR, good luck, may all go smoothly.

Just a check, I trust you have already validated your visas? If you have not, if you are the principal applicant and this is your first entry, you have to enter first or at the same time as your wife and son.

You may know all of this, just thought I would mention it.

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Hi Nash

We will be arriving in Perth in the first week of May 2011. We are on a 163 Visa and will be buying a small food business. I would be more comfortable with a South African bookkeeper/ admin lady. Lets keep in touch. My son has also just finished matric so will also be looking for part time work while studying.

Good Luck and see you on the other side.


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