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Next Sunday I fly to Sydney then on to Canberra, Cant believe it is finally here. When our vusa was Granted on 26 November last year we were faced with the choice, be in by 28 March or redo medicals. We discussed it and decided their had been to many delays so we would accept that date despite the huge short notice and the fact that we had not put our house on the market yet. 3 Months to do it in has been a tall order. Well inbetween going away twice for the weekend and hosting Christmas at our house we managed to get the entire house painted, and its a big house.

Last Sunday we had our first show house, cutting it fine we had only finished the painting and other touches that morning with fresh silicon around the baths. Monday evening the house was sold. The buyer has a pre approved bond and everything is cut and dry. What an awesome feeling!

I know now that this was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and we are being led on this journey for a reason.

I will be flying alone next Sunday, the family will be coming over at the end of March (Wife and 2 Boys). Our container is being packed and shipped this week.

I have been looking at temporary accomodation and it is rather pricey, so if anyone knows of someone with a room to rent for a week or 2 please drop me a message. Will be happy to pay somebody who needs a little extra cash.

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Wow, that is amazing, isn't it great when everything just comes together...like it was meant to be. Getting the house sold is an enormous hurdle, we were also lucky enough to sell ours within a few days and it was in the middle of renovation but the new owners saw where we were going and just loved the house, they were cash buyers too, so we were so grateful.

Good luck with the move over, hope you find a room soon. That would probably be a good option.

I am looking for somewhere for my son to go too, after the floods in Emerald he lost his rental and has had to move home again...much to his dismay, he is 23..we are waiting to move to the sunshine coast but just want him to find a decent place in a house to finish his last year here in Emerald, he is studying too so cant go into a "party house"

Good luck with the packing and the container going, it is always good to see your things on the other side..

all the best.


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