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Aangename Kennis!!!!!


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Hi hi

Firstly just want to say that I am so glad to find this forum. I had so many questions and it took me about 6 days now to read through hundreds of pages. you're a great bunch of people.

Ok. let's introduce my family.

Firstly, there is hubby. He is a geologist. Then there is me. I'm an accountant (and hopefully a housewife on of these days). We are both working in the gold mining industry. And we've got two children. Our boy will be 7 in 2 weeks time and our daughter is now 2 years old. and that is our family. o no... forgot the dogs: we've got 5 of them: a boerboel, a labrador, a great dane, a dutch hound and a yorkshire terrier mix.

And our story: hubby send his cv to a gold company in Western Australia (mid January). got a call a week later and had a telephonic interview later that week. on the 28th of January they offer him the job. my first response was NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! our life is here. our friends and family is here. but during that weekend I thought a lot and searching the Internet and reading about Perth, etc. and then I thought WHY NOT??? I'm now convinced we are doing the right thing.

We will be flying to Perth next Saturday (26 Feb). Hubby will be doing his medical. the company arranged an orientation tour for us to check out the suburbs, etc. He will be flying to the mine the one day. I will be doing some sightseeing and shopping. and then we will be back on the 3rd of March as it's my son's birthday on the 4th and I won't miss that for anything.

The company will be paying for everything, the 457 visa, relocation costs and an apartment for the first 6 weeks. I'm still reading about all the suburbs. still not sure where to stay. We can stay anywhere in Perth as hubby won't be working in Perth but flying in and out. He will be working for 8 days and then be home for 6 days. I would like to stay near the sea. (so any suggestions will be appreciated).

And that is our short story.

greetings from Klerksdorp, South Africa.

The Hanekom Family!!!!!!

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Jinne maar die dinge het vinnig vir julle gebeur,julle is baie gelukkig! Jou kop spin seker behoorlik ;)

Baie sterkte vir al die beplanning en welkom by die forum. Die mense in Perth slaap nog maar ek belowe jou binnekort gaan hier baie replies wees van baie behulpsame mense :ilikeit:

Alles van die beste,



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This has to be one of the nicest foyer introductions we have had .......... :ilikeit:

Welcome and good to meet your family. FIFO is very tough on a family and a marriage but the money is so good. A couple of years of that and you can have a house paid off. We in Mandurah south of Perth and we have kids in their 20's that have $400 000 homes paid off already. Just one word of advise - the mines are just as quick to get rid of you as they are to hire and pay for everything. And if you on a 457 you are truly in a risky situation.

You must put getting that PR a top priority!!! Once you arrive make that your sole focus in life.

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Dankie dankie dankie!

and thanks Jordy for the advise regarding PR. I'm kinda use to the "not seeing hubby everyday" thing. These geologists live in their own world. ;)

Ek is so opgewonde. ons het vandag ons visums ontvang vir volgende week se vinnige kuiertjie in Perth. een stappie nader!!!!


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En aangename kennis aan julle familie. Ek beplan ook om oor 'n paar maande Perth se kant toe te gaan, maar ek doen die groot trek op my eentjie. Klink my ons kan hier sommer gou baie vrinne maak!

Groete van 'n boot in die Kariebiese see


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