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Anyone flying to Perth on 25 Feb?

Guest WilmaP

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I was wondering if anyone is flying to Perth on 25 Feb 2011 on flight QF304 leaving 16:15 and arriving 07:40 at Perth international airport on Saturday 26 Feb 2011. My mom is flying in on this flight and I am a bit worried for her as she is not the best at English and it is the very first time she has ever flown anywhere. On top of that she is a bit hard of hearing as well wich is going to complicate things for her. If there are people on the forum that is Afrikaans or can communicate good in Afrikaans and is flying on this flight or you know of someone that is on this flight please contact me. It would make me feel so much better knowing that there will be someone with her to maybe guide her from check-in to boarding (just to make sure she is on the right plane).



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Wilma, as the travel agent to book a Meet and Assist , that way , the staff can

1) Help her to the right gates etc

2) keep an eye on her

3) Help with forms etc

4) The assistance will make sure she gets through passport control quicker

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