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Long term rental, short term rental, pets, etc


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I am starting to worry a bit. I have been looking for long term rental in Adelaide, but have been told that furnished/ part furnished rental is not so easy to come by. Can anyone who have been through this please advise on. We arrive at the start of March, so time is really running out.

1) Your impression of the availability of furnished rentals,

2) How long I should give myself in short term accommodation in order to find somewhere

3) How do I negotiate allowing for my pet (a well behaved cat)

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check out realestate.com.au I have seen furnished houses being advertised there. You could also get the names of various estate agents and just ask them if they deal in furnished houses at all - can only say no. As for the cat well just ask when you go to view the property if they allow pets - some will not allow pets any any circumstances, some dont advertise they allow pets but if you approach them about it they are willing to consider.

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Yes Etienne,

furnished is very hard to get hold of long term. Short term it's no problem, but exoensive. It's mostly not worth the landlords' while because of the damage caused to furniture. I would suggest looking at renting furniture or buying cheap items from the Op Shops (charity run second hand shops) or Ikea, Le Cornu etc. You can even find out where the hard rubbish collections are taking place and drive round looking for half decent items on pavements. There is also an Adelaide Freecycle group (Google them) and Gumtree is great as well.

Pets - our experience is that no one will say they take pets, but once they have you signing on the dotted line they are far more likely to negotiate. We kept quiet about our pets both times we looked for rentals and once we had the contract in hand, we asked the question. We had to promise to keep them outside (yes even cats) and then you have to pay for someone to professionally steam clean and de-flea the carpets once you move out and show the receipt to get your deposit back.

Good luck. Where there's a will there's a way :lol:

I would plan for about 12 weeks in short term. You will probably find something earlier, but that's a good time frame to find something decent, do all the paperwork and arrange moving etc.

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Check with


They have short term furnished holiday accommodation, perhaps you find something there to suit your budget.

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It can be difficult to get good accommodation if you have pets.

I have had a couple of families stay with me who brought their dogs along and it does take a little longer to sort out the property and garden at the end of their stay.

A cat shouldn't be a problem though.

It is possible to rent furnished accommodation at a cheaper rate than unfurnished but they are scarce!

If you take a look on www.homesdownunder.com.au you might be pleasantly surprised! Negotiate a discount for longer stays!


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