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Barossa daytrip


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Just tought I'd warn fellow Adalaideans when travelling to the Barossa. We went for a daytrip and saw a sign outside Lyndoch to a lavender farm. If you go there you'll waste at least 30 min of your life that you'll never get back. First you'll have to travel at least 5km on a very bad corrugated dirt road to get there. Then the word "farm" is a travesty since it is only a patch with a couple of lavender bushes. Then there is the shop where you can buy lavender products (at ridiclulously high prices). Then there is the owner who will greet you very friendly and offer you a tour through his patch of lavender bushes. However, you have to pay him first for this "priviledge" and when you decline his offer for this paid guided tour, suddenly he is not so friedly anymore and becomes a sarcasting, bombastic jerk. Couldn't get out of there quick enough. Believe me you could use the time much better at any of the great cellar doors, than the pathetic lavender "farm" :ilikeit::thumbdown::thumbdown:


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Was it the Lavender Farm that won the 2010 best tourist attraction as at 18/11/2010? In flowering season self guided tours $2, guided tours $5, including tea/coffee and tastings?

The link is: Lyndoch Lavender Farm and Cafe

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