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Saffa in U.K immigrating to Oz


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Is there anyone in my situation? I have dual citizenship, S.A/U.K (living in U.K) and am now thinking of doing the Oz move. Does my location/dual citizenship make any differance to the visa type/application pocess and do I have to give up one or both of my citizenships?

Another question, how do qualifications compare in Oz? I am an installations electrician(studied in U.K) and my wife is a teacher (studied in S.A). My reason for the concern is that even though my wife has a university degree and teaching diploma earned in S.A, in the U.K this is not recognised, and half the teachers here(U.K) are less qualified but more recognised. Before committing to the big move, we would like to know if we could expect to find work in our chosen fields. Any replies/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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see this link: http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php?showtopic=3129&hl=

there are quite a few of us doing the SA-UK-Oz route.

Just a quick post - your wife will be fine with a degree plus diploma in Oz, as this equals to 4 years qualification. Just need to have a skills assessment and register in state where you're going to. See other links on here about teaching (just put teaching in the search function)...

We're up in Lancashire, already qualify for dual cit, but only doing the forms, test etc now... :ilikeit:

Where are you? We've been here almost 7 years, gone very fast!

Chat later


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Thanks for your reply, I am pleased to hear about my wifes qualifications being up to scratch. I just need to find out about my electical qualifications now!!!

We're based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and have been since May '98, time certainly does fly, can't believe i have already put up with so many winters!!! :ilikeit:

We are on the brink of filling out our citizenship forms for the U.K, as well as hand over a bunch of our hard earned cash for the priviledge. As for the 'Living in the U.K' test, well, yet another unnecessary handing over of cash. Hopefully there wont be any more 'jumping thru hoops' soon. At least travelling to Europe will be a lot easier than applying for Visa's every other week just spend a weekend away.

Good luck and please keep me informed on your developments, I am off to check out your link now ;)


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