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Rentals after the floods


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Hi everyone

do you think there will be a shortage in the rental market after the floods? We will be arriving in Brisbane in next couple of months and I read that rentals were plenty available. How do you think this will stand now? Its difficult to understand the true damage that has been done unless you are in Brisbane and area. Will we struggle to get a rental now? Also what areas are safer wrt flooding? We were thinking Caboolture? or Northlakes or there abouts. We don't mind living a bit away from the city if we can get a nice rental place, with a decent size garden and 4 bedrooms. Any suggestions on areas? We would like something new'ish modernish.

Do you know what is the travelling time to get from Caboolture to Brisbane City?


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One of the news articles I read recently mentioned Caboolture was evacuated recently due to flooding, at the same time as the main Brisbane metropolitan flooding. Narangba, which is a bit further south, sounds as if it escaped the flooding, as I have friends there (but I am not 100% sure of this). It's quite feasible to travel to the CBD from Caboolture using the train - I think it's about an hour's journey - I suggest searching for the train schedules.

There are flood maps available for Brisbane - I posted the link on this forum previously, but now not sure what it is, so perhaps do a search. I don't think Caboolture is seen as part of the Brisbane metropole, so might not be on the flood maps. Also just remember that just because there is no flood map for a suburb, does not mean it does not flood - it might be a newer suburb.

Good luck!

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We just moved into a rental apartment in Cleveland, and was told by the agent that he's had a number of apartments taken up by people from flood-affected areas who will stay here while their houses are being renovated.

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I think it would be safe to assume that there is going to be a rental shortage throughout the whole of Queensland in light of the

disaster. I think you should also be prepared more that you originally anticipated, supply and demand will determine the cost of rental property until

this mess has been cleaned up.

There is talk of 3000 people in Brisbane alone that are living in evacuation centre , that is this morning reports


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Althought the area that flooded was vast it was definitely not the whole of Brisbane. Mostly areas close to the CBD and the river, and then there were areas close to the river that did not flood like Murrarie etc.

We own a house in Berrinba about 21km from the CBD there are some lovely affordable homes for rent and the State school there is very very good.

So even though there might be more people wanting to rent I'm sure there will still be many houses available.

PS Have you thought about North lakes, they were also not affected.

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We were in Mackay during the 2008 floods and within weeks there was a huge shortage of rentals. Many who think they can stay in the house while repairs are done were forced out during insurance covered repairs because they will insist that the gyprock (chalk walls in all but the old homes) or what ever is removed up to water level, washed with disinfectant, dried with a dehumidifier then replaced. Just the drying took weeks after a day of stripping down.

Also Suncorp (the biggest insurer) were inundated for weeks before some claims could even be dealt with. Biulders from Brisbane were used to assist speed up the process. It took aout a year before things returned to reasonable.

This disaster is about 10 times bigger, perhaps more. thank goodness we were OK again

Albany Creek, Eaton Hills, Aspley, accross to Boondal were safe as was Northlakes

Cabulture is in Moreton Bay council and was flooded, see below


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