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Hey Everybody

I've been watching the forum for a while now but this is my first post. My wife and I are a planning on making the BIG move later this year or so we hope!

We're looking at ACT and would love to hear from anybody already living there in terms of their experiences, life in Canberra, job market conditions etc etc

For now the task ahead seems overwhelming and I can't even begin to imagine how we're going to get everything sorted out in terms of houses, cars, work, the move and settling in on the otherside.

Oh lastly, I am a Chartered Management Accountant and would appreciate any advice fellow accountants or anybody else for that matter can offer in terms of the job search process ie Did you manage to arrange employment prior to leaving SA or only commence the job search process upon arrival in Oz? use of agents? recommendations in terms of agents etc?

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HI Brad76,

Firstly welcome to the forum, it is great that after lurking in the background that you have decided to join us all in what we are finding to be one of the most exciting yet stressfull times, with decisions, and forms to fill etc.

My hubby myself and our 3 kids are also in the process of relocating to ACT / Canberra, and as my hubby and i both work long hours, we coul not complete everything and have it submitted without the help of our agent Stephen Dickson he is on the forum as SD_MOA, and you can contact him on his e-mail Stephen Dickson [stephen@migrateaus.com.au]. He has given us valuable information and advice.

Not to be outdone the fellow forum member have been GREAT too with all their advice, to all those odd questions and not so odd questions, almost anything you are going to go through or are going through someone here should be able to offer a helping hand.

Canberra it seems is going to filling up fast, if you look for members like IliveinACT or Cramer, Deon and Louise, Jumbojet and many more either in or on their way to ACT they will be able to help you with queries.

Looking forward to following your story.

Once again welcome to the forum. :ilikeit:


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are many forum members going to ACT, plenty of them on the way early this year, sure they can answer any q's u have.

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Welcome. I havent lived in Canberra but visited for a week. I loved Canberra. I went in Winter and it was COLD. Like JHB Winter cold. But the city was stunning. So neat and well designed. Isnt it the best designed city in the world? Anyway I am sure those who live there will give fuller answers.

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Thank you for the welcome.

Although none of it will be new to the forum I'll post updates as the process unfolds.

Again, any advice will be much appreciated

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