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Fundraising for Queensland Flood Victims


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*** Oops I meant QUEENSLAND FLOOD VICTIMS*** Please can a host adjust the title for me...Thanks

Hey everyone!

I have spent the last couple of days glued to the TV set with tears rolling down my cheeks feeling so so sorry for everyone affected! But this is obviously not going to help, we need to do something!

I know that many people are donating to the flood appeal, but I know that this time of year money is traditionally extremely tight. I am hoping that the Saffer Perth community can do something, to raise funds collectively.

I am hoping to host a Tea Party to raise funds. I will provide tea, coffee and eats for everyone and people donate money to attend. Please let me know if you think this a good idea, if you would attend, if you have any other ideas. My initial thought was to have it at my house, but depending on the number of responses, we can move to a park...Kings Park maybe? Or we can divide it up by areas, ie one south of the river, Mandurah, Joondalup etc.

Please let me know.



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What a wonderful idea Candice.

Hope you have a successful tea!

I know what you mean about watching it on TV.

I sat and watched the same thing over and over and over.

Bit like the 9/11 footage, so much raw emtion.

I realised I had missed a hair appointment yesterday and called my hairdresser to apologise.

She was telling me how she was stuck in her car in the floodwater that shattered Toowoomba.

She says she doesn't even know how she got out or what unfolded.

But at least she was fine... even if her car was not.

p.s. topic sorted...

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Amazing story Eva. I think as the days go by and we start hearing more tragic stories but also uplifting stories that speak to the strength of the human spirit. It's at times like this that I realize I have very very little to complain about. I remember with the Victorian bush fires, we were stuck in Sydney awaiting our visa moaning and complaining. Nothing like this type of tragedy to put it all in perspective. I am so so glad that you and your family are ok Eva!

I really hope that the other saffer Oz communities take up the challenge to organize fund raisers. I know that people can donate to the flood appeal, but sometimes it's good together in a show of support and all our little bits can be mixed together to make a substantial amount.

I have also just received this from Cudo ( a special deal website). They will match every donation made through their site to the Premiers flood appeal up to $100. A great way to double the impact of your donation!! They hope to reach $50000. Go to www.cudo.com.au

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Candice I think it's a wonderful idea. Please let me know when you have finalised the arrangements and I will donate cupcakes to sell.

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Thanks Petro, that is great!

Hi Candice

Fantastic idea and I will definitely support your morning tea.


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