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Coconut Cake recipe


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My OH remembers a coconut cake his sister used to make.

Seemingly it was normal texture in the middle but quite crispy on the top (with the crispyness on top quite thick ~ 1 cm) although he thinks it was all one mixture and not two separate layers.

Just wondering if it rings any bells with anyone?

I have made several attempts now but none have been the cake he remembers.


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I have a Chocolate- Coconut Yogurt Cake recipe,this has a crispy topping - not sure if this is the one you are looking for

Choc-Coconut Yoghurt Cake

For the cake:-

185 grams butter

300 mls ( 240 grams of sugar)

4 eggs

5mls vanilla essence

270 grams self raising flour

180mls plain yogurt

100 grams dark chocolate

60 mls milk

For the topping

90 grams butter

180mls(100 grams) sugar

60 milks milk

200 mls of coconut

5mls vanilla essence


Cream the butter and sugar well, add 1 egg at a time and beat well.

Add the vanilla, yogurt and sift flour and a little milk if necessary

Spoon the cake into a greased and lined spring form pan.

Melt the chocolate and 45mls of the milk together and pour over the cake.

Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees (fan forced or 180 degrees normal. For about 50mins

To make the topping, combine the butter , sugar and coconut and vanilla essence bring to the boil for about 2 minutes.

When the cake is done spread the topping over the cake and placed the cake under grill for a few minutes until golden.

This is a delicious cake :ilikeit:

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Golden Cake (Coconut Cake) - Has a meringue like top

Cake batter

125g Marg

125 ml Sugar

3 eggs separated

5ml vanilla essence

250 ml flour

2t B.P

125ml milk


250ml dessicated coconut

125ml sugar

Egg whites

1. Set oven to 160degC / Grease 23cm baking tin / Cream marg & Sugar / add egg yolks & vanilla Ess. / alternate milk & dry ingredients into the egg mixture. Pour into baking tin

2. Whisk egg whites to form peaks / then gradually add the sugar and finally fold in coconut - Spoon onto batter and bake for +- 50min.

The cake is very moist and the topping crispy. Very yummy!

Hope this is the recipe you are looking for.


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Thanks so much Enrica and Noele - both these cakes sound very very yummy!

My OH assures me that he really did not think the topping was separate - but I am not sure that he would really know for sure and it was ages ago.

I will try both of these out on him, he is certainly enjoying trying the different recipes I keep trying.



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