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Minimum salary required


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We were granted our PR in July 2009 through a State Sponsorship from ACT. We have done our LSD and visa entry validation in March/April 2010 (loved it). Hubby has had a couple of interviews from RSA but they were not successful. We have now decided to put our house on the market mid-January 2011 and make our long awaited move once it has sold etc.

As we are coming over without a job and therefore can't be too fussy in terms of salary, can anyone tell me what the minimum salary would be for a family of 4 to manage reasonably comfortably on?

Thanks and hope to meet you all soon!

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Hi, great news, congrats for making the decision! We did the same.

How old are your kids as this can determine if you both work or just one? I would say that if you earn 100k+ you should be just fine. If you want more information you can pm me and I can send you some budget stuff for Canberra.

What field is your husband in?

Chat later


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