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Summer camps 2011


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Awesome opportunity for Year 7-9 , Year 10-12 and 18-25 year olds to get connected & make new friends!

If you recently arrived in Australia and you looking for away to get connected and make new friends I suggest you attend one of the summer camps. It is an awesome opportunity to help your children get better connected in the community and make new friends. My brother and I attended the camps every year and have made some of our best friends through these camps. Yes we way past the age group now so we don’t attend any more. If you want to help build a community of friends with similar values for your children while they having loads of fun this is one of the best places to start.

See the summer camps focus on the following age groups Year 7-9 , Year 10-12 and 18-25 year olds http://hillsongyouth.com/

Fuel Camp Year 7-9



Wildlife camp Year 10 -12



Powerhouse camp 18-25 year olds



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