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Curtains and Voiles?


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I was wondering if you use your own curtains and voiles (do you even need them) if you rent an unfurnished apartment/house?

We will start packing up our house soon and put everything in storage and I was wondering if we will use our curtains again. To be honest there is only about 2 rooms' curtains that I want to take as the rest is old and I don't like it.

Should I buy new curtains for when we are there or does the houses have blinds in them? I am chucking my voiles anyway and won't buy new regardless...

Also what's the average height of a rail? Here in general it's 2.3-2.5m high and then obviously the width depends on the window size etc..

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Mostly, if you buy readymade curtains in the shops here, their length would be either 2,13 or 2,28.

Rental homes have window coverings, either blinds or curtains, I have never seen a rental home that did not have. Just remember that theirs may not suit your furniture, so perhaps bring yours, if you hate theirs, then just take them down, fold them up and put them away, and use yours.

Curtaining, for the real nice stuff, can be expensive here, but if you shop around you can usually pick up a bargain somewhere. I live in Melbourne though, a shoppers paradise, I cannot give advice about Adelaide.

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All rentals in Qld HAVE to have window treatments. It is a requirement.

Also, if you buy a house that has already been lived in, then the window treatments are considered fixtures of the property. So, as you see them on the viewing day, is as you get them.

Hope this helps.


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