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How to find work in Brisbane?

Pine and Riana Pienaar

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Hi Guys,

Feels like yesterday but we have now served our time on our 176 and can relocate. We moved directly to Canberra and must say the ACT has been really good to us. It has really taken us months to make up our minds to stay or to move. What we have decided to do is to move to Brisbane (and beleive me we spent 45000km in a year checking places out). We do however want to do this on the back of good work.

What I would like to know is if there are any of you that have any advice on how to approach the market in Brisbane - while searching from Canberra? Things like should we work through agents and if so do you have any specific ones you can recommend, etc, etc.

Kind regards

Pine (called Matt in OZ)

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Hi Pine / Mat

Good to see you are moving to the Sunshine State :whome:

Just a question, what line of work are you in?


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Worked in project mangement for two companies over the last two years. No in management position. Have broad range of management, PMO and project management (all kinds of business projects) experience in SA over several industries and sectors.

Been rebuilding career here.

If you have some ideas please PM me so we can chat.



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