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Weekly play dates


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Hi guys,

I saw some of you are interested in meeting up with other parents with young kids. I have an almost 3 year old and a 4.5 year old and I was thinking. Who would be interested in a weekly playdate in one of the parks? We make it a different park everyweek to be fair to all and we all bring a picknic for us and our kids. I will be situated in Kinross and we have not yet moved in, I can start as soon as I am settled a bit more and figured the bus routes. Maybe we could have two groups, one South of the river and one in the North.

Please let me know who is interrested and your ideas.



PS. excuse the typos, my little ones just decided sleep is for ;) the birds

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Thank you for those that PM'd me. I am writing exams at the moment so I did not forget. My last exam is on the 25th so I will definately start making plans after that.

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