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ACT Drivers license


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One the good thing to do when you arrive, is to try and get your drivers license.... it is your ID and the best thing for your 100 point ID check. I really put it off as I thought it was going to be a serious issue but it was a sinch!

There is 2 things that you need to do ....

1) pass a computer based road ready test

2) pass your drivers test

To pass the first step, all you need to do is to study.... http://www.roadready.act.gov.au/c/roadready , click on knowledge test and then enter your ACT post code, Canbera is 2600.... the is 343 multiple choice questions that you can study and then pass the CB Test. You don't need to book the test, you will need to go to Wooden or Dickson, Just walk in to do the test ... open on Saturdays too.... it costs $32.50.

Once you have passed the Road Ready test you go to one of the Canberra Connect walk in offices in Wooden or Dickson and book your drivers license. this costs about $83.90....When you do you test it is very easy, nothing to hard, if you were a good driver in SA you will pass ... hey if I can get 90%+ then you can.... If you have had your SA drivers for a while you can do your road test in an automatic no problems... when you pass you have to pay $166 to get you license and drivers license card.

I never did an international drivers license and only used my SA one, so you are allowed to drive to the test but if you happen to fail you will not be able to drive home... some one would have to fetch you ...and you will have to do you learners .... L plates then P plates UUUURRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

So while you are waiting for that visa, start on the roady ready test and become a GURU! There is more info on http://www.rego.act.gov.au/licensing/licencemain.htm

Safe drive .... T

Living and Loving IT!

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Hi Terence,

Thanks for posting this, both hubby and I are going to start studying to become Guru's, we don't want all the schlep of L plates etc.

Hopefully be in ACT soon


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Thank You for the great info!


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