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Electricians working in New South Wales

Gavin and Chantell

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I was just wondering....?What special requirements are required if a South African electrician wants to come work in New South Wales -Australia??

Does he need to get licensed immediately?

Is it required at all?

Is his South African trade good enough as is??

Please share some of your knowledge on this for me?

Kind regards


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I found this link for you.


The answer is yes you need registration for Queensland and Victoria and therefore I presume that New South Wales would be the same.

There is some extra studying to be done!

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Hi Mara

Good to hear from you again.....!

I went to the link and what I noticed is that they mention you can apply to be registered one you have residence...

"If you have been accepted in an electrical or metal trade, you may also be eligible for an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC). An ARTC is a nationally recognised trade qualification that you may apply for when you become a resident of Australia. "

So,does this mean you can work untill you have residence,and one you do get residence,then you may apply...? Or do you need to get this registration before you even begin work...?

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