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Is there a SA day in Perth this year?? 2010


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All you SA perthfontainers,

Is there an SA day this year?



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Hi B,

There was one yesterday at Trigg Beach that was organized from "Southn Africans in Perth" on the Facebook, unfortunately we didn't make it, I spent to long at the Hairdressor and hubby wasn't happy with me.

But I know sometimes Enrica does organize, we have not had one for a while, although mmm....I don't want to get into trouble, we did have one at Caversham Park about a month ago. Pity you missed that one.

Mandy and Erica were planning to do something as well, which we should really do before Erica leaves for New Zealand.

Hee....Hee.....(maybe they are reading this).....

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