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Michael H

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Hello. My name is Michael. I live in Cape Town and im looking for advice how to get a Toolmaking apprenticeship in Perth-Australia.

So if anyone Know something it would be much appreciated.

Thanx :ilikeit:

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Hello, Michael - welcome to the forum !!

I can't help you as you would know, but nevertheless just wanted to be the first one to welcome you.

May you find your apprenticeship soon, remember to also send your request to heaven ... no man can help you better, anyway !


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Try the apprenticeship centres

http://www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au/apprentice.../detcms/portal/ - Western Australia


When you eventually arrive in Perth, you can also try the Career Expos , they have 2-3 of them a year. Lots of info to be found at the career expos.

Look at the TAFE websites, perhaps consider doing a 6 month pre-apprenticeship, there are a lot of employees that appoach the TAFE's looking for good candidates. And the lectureers at the TAFE , are always aproached by prospective employers

The Tafe in Subiaco , offer Pre-Apprenticeships in teh Engineer trades


Not all the available apprenticeships are listed on these websites, some employees dont list then there.

Good luck with finding something



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Before you go looking at Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses, you need an Australian visa to study or work or live in Australia.

Australia is not an open country for just anyone to come to and take up work or train as a student or apprentice.

The Australian gov't needs to know who is coming into this country and who is living here.

There's an election over this very issue . . . . boat people . . . . and whether the Australian people should have a government that dictates who comes here and who stays here.

It may be smarter to look into the visa categories that allow a young South African to apprentice in Australia, then look at apprenticeships in mining companies and other Australian businesses that will need and take up apprentices for toolmaking.

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Last I heard there was an apprenticeship visa thing (about two years ago) introduced to allow foreigners to come and do an apprenticeship. Problem was, that the costs was so high and completely unaffordable for South Africans imho. If you do see apprenticeships advertised in Aussie papers they are for people with at least a PR visa.

I'd to my homework very carefully if I were you. I believe there are some other forums (like the britishexpats one) where you can also ask your questions and get info. All the best.

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