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Registered Migration Agents who are Paying Advertisers


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Please note this update relating to signatures of REGISTERED Migration Agents who are paying advertisers on this forum:

When an agent posts on the forum they do so in a professional capacity, and making an expert statement. When members read a post by an agent, they take it is fact and not opinion. Therefor the exception is made that all registered migration agents who are also paying advertisers should have the following details in their signature:

  • Real Name & Surname
  • The words: "Registered Migration Agent"
  • MARN
  • Office address and contact numbers
  • Website address where they can be verified.

(Please note : This should be in plain text in normal size in black colour).

We place huge value on our migration agent members and appreciate their time and effort in contributing extensively to the forum which adds greatly to the credbility to the forum. This will assist our members in sifting through factual and other well intended advice and protect their interests.

This execption applies to migration agents, acting in that capacity only! If in doubt, please check with a host first.

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