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Time to find work in OZ from RSA - your opinions


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody have experience or "raad" on one of the following:

1) how long did it take for people to find jobs in OZ (Sydney) from South Africa.

2) what is the chances of finding a job on a four weeks trip to OZ

My problem is that I don't have the luxury $ :thumbdown: $ of resigning my job in SA and them go over to find something.



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Hi there,

Well, if in your applications you point out to them you have your visa, the response should be a lot better? Maybe contact companies and recruiters direct with your details and let them know you have a visa...

I think it was Ajay (could be wrong) who made the suggestion of looking into www.yellowpages.com.au and do search with a keyword (e.g. human resources) and it'll bring back results relating to companies in that industry....i did it and there's a lot you can try contact direct...



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