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Om deesdae toetsrugby te kyk is dieselfde as om wildtuin toe te gaan:

Jy eet lekker biltong, drink lekker bier en kyk hoe k*k die bokke!


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I thought it was like going to the circus, the clown is in charge...

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Ahh how soon we forget 2006


With all the "Joke" White comments

Bring on the WC :ilikeit:

I was thinking the same thing this morning..

I was worried before the tri nations started that we might be peaking too soon .. But i am sort off relieved to see we battling, will bring our boys back down to earth and make them more focused next year.

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Yep, 2006 was the year we got handed a 49-0 rugby lesson by the Wallabies so history does tell you that we can turn it around… but the problem for me is I had a lot more faith in Jake White back then than I do in PDV now.

I’m still not convinced that our success in 2009 was all PDV’s doing. I just hope we’re not out of ideas and that all we have in our bag of tricks was the kick-chase gameplan that worked so well with FDP at number 9!

Also, Kirchener has not had one good performance in the Bok Jersey. He’s been ok, but not a single stand-out performance. Bring back Frans Steyn…

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