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davidsa: New guys on the move


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:DDavid & Casper(Centurion SA)

Hello all! Hopefully on our way in March 2007 to Sydney. Have lots of questions for you guys. Loads to still sort out like accomodation, banks, transport and moving our household. Which companies can you recommend and cost involved. Also wooden furniture clearance etc. Does all electrical appliances work over there.

Looking forward to hear from anyone


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Hi there

We are hopefully on the way by the end of the year so can't answer most of your questions. There is quite alot on this site regarding removal companies, which airline to use, and which appliances work ect....do a search and it will bring up all past questions. It has been a great help for us, and without this site I am not sure what I would have done. For removal companies, look at Magna, Pickfords and there are a few more mentioned on the forum.

Which area are you looking at in Sydney, and have you been there on a LSD trip...

Good luck and enjoy and we will hopefully see you in Sydney one day!!

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Welcome... and good luck.

Like australian said, there is lots of info on the site.

It has done wonders to ease our minds and opened up opportunities.


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