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I am looking for employment in Australia. Not really selective about where. I have just over twenty years (post qualification) experience in industrial air conditioning. I have been positively assessed by Vetassess and submitted my GSM visa application in June last year. I don't know how long the department takes to process these days. I have applied for a few jobs on Seek without any response. Any help would be great.


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A few recommendations based on my experience from this market, which may help you. It is all about who you know locally and building relationships.

(Unfortunately your VETASSES assessment means little to the employer - in fact he won't even be aware of the migration requirements)

Join AIRAH - decide which state division to join (expensive in Rands but important). Membership is not transferable between states and on an individual basis.

Find out about local certification requirements - try to do applicable on-line AIRAH courses while in SA that may start to get you there. (You need the paper with the badge) (Note that every states will have different certification needs - especially WA)

Get their newsletter/magazine and make contact with those that contribute asking related questions to article content that is in your field.

Find Aircon technical forums, join them and start to contribute by asking technical questions with real interest - never out smart guys on forum :-) Try to build a social presence with the guys of the area where you intent to settle.

As AIRAH member you will have access to the AIRAH directory and key role players (Board members of state). Build rapport, ask them who is employing and who else to contact - they are very helpfull to point you in a direction. NEVER EVER send a resume unsolicited.

Call telephonically (via Skype is cheap) - best time 7-8am or 5-6pm local time in morning/evening and ask if you can send resume. If you call later/earlier the gatekeeper (receptionist) will be on duty and block your call. Always mentioned where you got their name from. Always mentioned that you are busy with xyz AIRAH training - so he can see you are serious. Ask if he knows someone else that may be looking to employ - they all know one another because they all work on same contracts. ALWAYS follow up weekly until you get a 'yes' or 'no' - you keep on nagging in a friendly manner!! :-)

Good luck!

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See if you can find any information about Hastie Services in Canberra, they might be able to help you

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