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Drivers Test booking


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Hi guys and girls

Please help with the what to do re booking for driver's license. I was recommended not to do driving test in CBD as the area has too many different speed zones. So what are your recommendations on booking the test - what is the address of the offices, etc.

Your help will be appreciated!

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We did our test in Redcliffe. Easy as pie! Try to go there!

Hubby had the same experience, no problems. I had a grumpy guy who let me do all the turns, parkings, and stuff he could think about, but in the end he said he see that I can drive. (Have been for 22 years!!! haha), and passed me with a sigh.

You can do the booking for the driving test on the internet, or when you go to the offices, there is a phone you can use to make your appointment. Remember you first have to write the learners again.

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You can find all the info on the Queensland Transport site:


With A PR visa you have 3 months to convert your current drivers license unless that one expires before that time.

Step 1

You will need to do a written test, just walk-in - no need to book! Info:


You can get a book from one of the QLD Transport offices or download it:


You can practice the test online, the questions are identical to the test. Do it several times as the questions change:


Step 2

Book your test at the QLD Transport office or online:


Then practice and PASS! I recommend you go with a driving instructor for one lesson.

Make sure for both tests that you take sufficient identification requirements:


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We wanted to book online, but the webpage says overseas drivers need to contact them. Can we still book online? I have booked with driving school already (chose a school from RACQ website)

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You first have to pass your Learners test which you have to write in Australia. Once you've passed that they will give you a 'code' and only then can you book your license.

For the learners you don't have to make an appointment, you just go to the Licensing Department give them 100 point ID and proof of address pay your bit and they then give you the neccessary to write the test there and then in the waiting room. You take your completed answer sheet to the lady behind the counter, she marks it and the you can go ahead and book your license date.

You can go on to the RACQ website to practice the learners test. Easy peasy! No worries at all!

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