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HI, im Sean from pietermaritzburg im 29 am married with 2 little boys, the youngest only 1 month old. We aplpied for permanent residence in March 06 after which my wife fell pregnant. We completed the babies medical on Monday so hopefully we will have our visas soon. We planning to go to Adelaide in about May 2007, it would be great to hook up with anyone there once we arrive. This is a very helpful forum thanks to everyone.


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Hi Sean

Unfortunately i'm not in Oz yet, but one day... :ilikeit:

But want to say we're holding thumbs for you, so close so close :ilikeit:

When it comes through good luck with the move....


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Hi Sean and welcome to our forum!

You should PM Marius and Annette, they both live in Adelaide, and I am sure they would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Hi Sean :ilikeit:

My sister (27) and her husband (30) are moving to Adelaide this year too. I myself also on my way - hopefully by September at latest....and my parents on their way too! (we'll sponsor them in on Family Contributory Visa as soon as possible) Search a bit on the forum and you'll see there are many SAfricans heading for Adelaide or already living there (happily ever after :o ).

We went on an LSD trip to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne last year and the Aussies really impressed us. They are very friendly, have a great sense of humour, go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and they just seem so...happy! Overall a significantly positive experience.

Others I can think of now who're also going to Adelaide or Adelaide surroundings are: W+R and Aneladari and her husband Johan. Carlos & Liza also on their way there; Bronwyn & Stephen already there! There are a large number of SA families in Adelaide already - numbers seem to be grooooooowing :rolleyes:

Welcome to the forum...hope to see you all in Adelaide soon!

Liza B)

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