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Graphic and/or Disturbing Content


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We often have members posting links to other websites which may contain graphic and/or disturbing images or content which may offend or upset. Although we appreciate the need for freedom of speech, we also need to protect our members, especially the younger people on this forum.

May we ask, that when a link is posted to a website/article/video clip which may be considered to be upsetting to others, that you please, with the link, post a clear warning as to the content of the link. It would then be up to the member to make that decision to click or not to click.

Obviously, the content should have relevance to the topic and the purpose of the forum and we will not allow anything which are in breach of the forum rules such as pornographic, racist or other explicit or offensive material.

We hope this will allow forumites to express themselves while protecting our members who may find such content upsetting.

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