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Hi, I am new!


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Hi all!!

I am so glad to find a forum full of South African Aussies! I have joined quite a few forums, but none as relevant to me as this one.

My boyfriend and I are at the very beginning of this process. My skills application is on its way to Aus via DHL as we speak!

We are both 25, I am a television director and motion graphics designer and Stephan a music teacher.

We would love contact from similar minded people. We are planning to head to Perth.



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Hellooooooooo Elmarie

Welcome to the forum and all the best with your journey ahead.

Look forward to seeing you around and hearing those results from the skills assessment :rolleyes:


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Elmarie, I guess if you wish to work in your field you may want to look at Sydney, rather than Perth!

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Welcome to the forum!

I agree with Mara 100%, if you would like to get a job in your area, then I would recommend Sydney. The media industry here in Perth is pretty much almost non existent. I'm a copywriter, and am still looking for a copywriter job 4 months later. If you're happy to do something else, then that's fine. Have a look on seek.com.au to see what kind of jobs you might be interested in and where they are.

I wish you all the best, keep us up to date with how things are going!

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Thank you for all the kind replies!!

At the moment all have come to a halt because of the Skills Visa Suspension. ;)

We would have qualified for a 176 Visa ( I have family in Aus) and our Main Visa would have been lodged way before June 30.

Now we can't... and chances are 'Graphic Designer' wont be on the new SOL list.

Not sure how to proceed... My migration agent has said that best is to wait and see.

Wait and See!!!! Its not that easy to tell my brain 'hey, switch off, don't worry, we will wait and see' !!

Anyway, I will hope for a good SOL list, and otherwise look at other Visa options.

I want to do a graduate diploma and qualify for teacher anyway, so it might be a good option as teachers are apparently still going to be on the SOL.

I would have preferred getting PR and then studying further in aus, but life is full of surprizes! Might end up going on a student Visa,

or studying my diploma in JHB. (eugh!)

Wish me luck! :ilikeit:

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