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Farmers in WA with feral animal problems


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Are there any members in WA who farm and have problems with feral animals ? (goats, pigs, camels etc.)

I'm either going to have my firearms in OZ from ZA soon (if the #$#$@ ZA Police ever finish my export permits)

and I will be purchasing rifles over here as well. I need a letter(s) from property owners "inviting" me to

help with problem animal control in order to get open licenses for my rifles. I will obviously also be more than willing

to help said farmer(s) with problem animal control as much as possible.

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A few times last year, I was surprised to see full page, colour ads, in Sydney newspapers, calling on people with hunting skills to come and do their bit for the environment by joining them for a hunt. Cant remember exactly who "they" were but it was definitely government backed. These hunts were specifically for feral pigs.

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