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TheBs: Hellos


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Just to say hello to all and thanks for so much valuable info. Have been following the site for while and finally registered.

We have been looking at Australia for a few years (whilst still in Zim) and our courage only got us as far as South Africa - a good start and a great stepping stone. Just recently hubby jokingly read an advert for a job in Oz and said "lets go!" Not sure who was more shocked when I said, "why not". :thumbdown:

So..here we are attacking the web sites and getting nervous over the mountains of paperwork. Quite daunting as we have 4 rugrats aged nearly 3 to 13, and an aunt, who lives with us and wants to go with. Any help from those who have got visas including "other" dependants much appreciated.

From what we have seen on various sites, think we will enjoy Brisbane/Queensland area. Hubby is a motor mech and have heard that we should find work quite easily, as well as being a skill in demand.

Thanks again

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good luck, would be the best move and worth it Im sure. :thumbdown:

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Hi TheB's,

Congratulations on making the decision to come to Australia-thats the first step accomplished! :ilikeit: I am sure that you would love Queensland, I've been living here for about 9 years now and absoultely love it! :thumbdown:

Goodluck, and I hope the move goes nice and smoothly for you guys. If you have nay questions please dont hesitate to ask. You should find some useful info at:


I hope this sheds some light. :holy:

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Hi there, Bs :thumbdown:

Not to knock africanbeauti's link...she's definitely on the right track, but the link to the relevant Other Family Visa Options applicable to you as worker migrants (seeing that you're NOT students) is:


Be sure to look at the visa options listed under 'Outside Australia', as that's where you'll be applying from.


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Thanks to all - have had a good read through the family member section. Looks like not too much of a problem, her only concern is the health section - being overweight and a smoker - so we all on diet and were up at 5 am going for a brisk walk!! How often does one get refused on the medical side?

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