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Finding a job from RSA


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OK, so in 2009 I sent off 100 to 150 job applications from South Africa for jobs in Melbourne, all with tailor made Resume’s and cover letters addressing all the selection criteria and no luck, nothing. So I starting thinking that if you are not a doctor or a nurse you can forget about securing a job in RSA before you leave. I will have to wait till I get there to start looking properly.

Then one day an advert on Seek caught my eye and I printed it out. Did not do anything with it as it was with an agency and they are notorious for not coming back to you especially if you are not in Oz.

After 2 weeks I came across the advert again and thought “what the heck†I have nothing to loose, so I sent off an email to the agency explaining that I would be arriving in Melbourne in a months or so time and if they wouldn’t mind having a look at my Resume in the meantime. I did not bother with a grammatically correct covering either as I thought it will be rejected as per all the other applications.

The next day the agency phoned me and are interested, then a phone interview with the agency, then a phone interview with the employer, all within a week.

Then everything was sort of on hold with no commitments from the employer, however, the agency phoned me every 3 or 4 days or so keeping me updated on the status, even though nothing was happening.

Then just before I am about to leave for Melbourne the agency phones me to confirm a face to face interview for Friday, I arrive in Melbourne Thursday night.( so much for getting over jet lag)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got the job and start tomorrow, that after being here for just over a week.

So for all of you still in RSA applying for positions that side, don’t give up hope and keep on believing that you will get that job, even though at times you think you are wasting you time, keep on slogging away, have faith. Look at my story for proof, although I also believe I received a huge helping hand from above.

Hope this helps someone.



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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :ilikeit:

That is excellent news.......heck, did not get much time to 'chill' hey...... :lol: a week after arriving.....but fantastic!


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Hi, congrats and welcome to Oz. Sounds like it was meant to be!! All the best and hope that everything is smooth sailing.


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I had a similar situation to you, Sean. In December, I responded to an advert on mycareer.com.au and specifically mentioned in my CV cover letter that I would be in Brisbane in February, should they be interested in a face-to-face interview. We had already planned on going to Brisbane to look at schools first hand, so I took a chance in hoping that they wouldn't fill the position before then. It all went exceedingly well, as I was offered the job a day after the interview! Best of all, they said I can start in July.

All I can say is that prayer is extremely powerful!

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