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I.T. jobs in Ausy


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Ive recently secured my PR as an IT skilled worker and am now interested in the next step: i.e. find a job in Australia!!

Can anyone advice on employment agencies for IT (Im a Project Manager (PMP)) that I can contact to assist in finding a job. I know of seek.com.au web site but are there others?

What's Brisbane like for IT compared to the giants of Sydney and Melbourne?

I am still in South Africa but will be doing a 2 week visit to Australia in April to check things out!

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My advice is that you make your way here, I tried for many jobs from seek, no luck, applied direct to a company, had an interview when i arrived and the rest is history.

I'm sure some people have managed to get one from SA but , It appears to be easier when you are here, even in ACT and being in ICT, 8 weeks and you should get a job!

But more importantly have you sold your house .... that is even more stressful then finding a job!

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Thanks, I do intend moving to Australia and then only looking for employment.

Where does one get company names from then?

p.s. my house is sold!

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I suppose it is difficult to direct you to any specific places, but researching the net is important, using seek as a base looking at the companies advertising and then going to their website ....

If you are a in the project side Canberra is a great place to get away from the rate race:

Program Coordinator - Canberra (Job No: 491763) http://careers.airservicesaustralia.com/jo...;sJobIDs=491763

Let your career 'take off' with Airservices Australia!! ASA7 $83,339 - $117-584 + 12.5% superannuation

Opening date: 24/03/2010 at 8:30 AM Aus. Eastern Standard Time

Closing date: 28/03/2010 at 11:55 PM Aus. Eastern Standard Time

Just research, research, research ....

Good on the house being sold!!!!

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