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Site Agent - Construction Job Required


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I am currently completing a pipeline project [ZAR65 million - 700 diameter welded pipe line – 8km long] as a Site Agent. I am a healthy 59 years old and seeking employment in Australia to be closer to my two daughters who have both immigrated to Australia recently

As a site agent my duties include: -

a) running the site in its entirety

:blush: controlling section leaders

c) plant

d) ordering materials

e) decision making and planning in order to bring the job to timorous and profitable conclusion

f) preparation of monthly payment certificates

g) keeping day to day records

h) liaison with the professional team

i) maintaining a constant flow of correspondence with the resident engineer

My experience is considerable in the pipeline industry handling various medium size contracts for water and gas pipelines.

I have experience in the building industry and have recently built 5 luxury homes

I pride myself in maximising profits by ensuring payment for every possible claimable item and minimising costs by strict control. My previous background is in the civil engineering and concrete construction.

My request is that you look over my resume and advise me if there is a suitable position in your company.

Looking forward to your favourable response.

Kind regards

Allen Thompson

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