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Jaco & Reinette: INTRO - Stressed Out

Jaco & Reinette

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Hi All

Thank you for the great contributions from everyone on this forum. We too can finally say WE GOT IT.

My wife and I decided to make the move in May 2008 and appointed our agents at the end of June '08.

Since then it has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs as I am sure it has been for everyone else.

I sent off documents for pre-skills assement to our agents in Aug '08 they advised that we will have to

get a state sponsorship. Received a positive Vetassess assessment and lodged NSW sponsorship application

in Nov '08. While in process with them they changed their requirements and this meant that I would have to

get a new skill assessment done, nominate a different occupation and as this new occupation was not listed

on the NSW skills list, a different state sponsorship. In May 2009 our SA sponsorship was granted and our 475

Visa application was eventually lodged in Jun 2009. To our surprise we got a CO at the end of July '09 and He

requested further documents and our agent requested that we submit our medicals and clearance certificates.

This we did by the end of August. Then 23 Sep happend and we lost our CO. What a disappointment that was!

We were hoping to make the move by Dec '09 but no such luck.

And Then... Completely unexpected, we got our grant letter on the morning of 16 Feb 2010, Entry by 3 Sep 2010.

Wow what a feeling and such mixed emotions.

The last two and a half weeks we've just been floating, cannot focus on anything. Were do we start. Still have time but

I hate leaving things for the last minute. Already got the passports evidenced and started searching for flights. Looks like

it will be in the second week of August. Adelaide here we come! :(

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Go Stormers! :ilikeit:

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Well done! Good luck with the big move, I know it will be worth it! :(

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CONGRATS on the visa :( and a HUGE welcome to the forum.

Look forward to seeing you around and wish you all the best for your future move.



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Bit of a roller-coaster ride for you guys!

Congrats on the visa, all the best with the planning that lies ahead....

And welcome to the forum!

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Hi Everyone

Thank you for the congratulations and welcome!! :unsure:

Today is our first garage sale, will probably have to hold another.

Collected so much stuff over the years.



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WOW what an unexpected suprise that must have been.

Thats fabulous.

Good luck with your move, i have friends in Adelaide and they LOVE it!!! :unsure:

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