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Flooded towns


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Okay, maybe this photo doesn't qualify as "Articles posted by "locals" to entice you to attractions across Australia.", but it's interesting....

Bollon near St George, Qld

and this is Roma

and Roma again....

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Yep There's been a lot of rain in Queensland over the last week, with the tropical low moving accross the state. Some places have had their best rainfall in 10 years.

27 months ago Brisbane was looking at level 6 water restrictions with dams at 15% levels. This morning Brisbane's dams were sitting at just over 85% full. That's a lot of water in the last 2 years, and the fullest they've been for 10 years, quite something considering the population growth in the area over that time.

It also makes a bit of a mockery of the $9 billion the state government spent on desalination plants, treatment plants and the water grid. The desalination plant is probably still not working and rusting away, the treated water has never been pumped into the water system and I have no idea if the grid has been completed. No politician has been on TV opening it, so I suspect it has not been finished.

I had over 300mm at my place over last weekend.

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