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Looking for Electical Switch Board Fitter


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Hi Hendie and team

Hope I have put this in the 'right place'.

We have a client looking for a Electrical Switch Board Fitter (yes, the same client as last time).Fortunately for him the business is doing well and he was very pleased with the applications that he received last time. The position was filled by a South African.

Please note that I am not an employment agency and my role is simply to forward application and CV to relevant person-so please don't contact me with further questions.

Email CV to caroline.carruthers@googlemail.com and I will forward it.

Thank you for all applications received last time and in advance for any received for this application. Wishing all applicants the best for the future and good luck with the application and your new life in Australia.

Best Regards


The job description given is as follows:

Power Electric Switchboards, a DPSA-owned company based on the South side of Brisbane, Queensland, manufactures heavy-duty motor control centres and distribution boards for the mining, industrial, and commercial sectors.

The company has an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and guaranteed performance, and is a preferred supplier to dragline and mining shovel manufacturers, city councils and major electrical contractors.

As a result of an expanding business the company requires the services of experienced Electrical Switchboard Fitters, with excellent wages and conditions, and opportunity for overtime work.

The requirements for this full time position are as follows:

1. Possession of a Queensland Electrical Licence or qualifications to obtain one

2. Minimum of 4 years experience in Electrical Switchboard Manufacture

3. Competence in the following disciplines:

1. Busbar Fabrication

2. Power Wiring

3. Control Wiring

4. Assembly of Electrical components

5. Motor Control Experience

6. Sound knowledge of Australian Standards AS 3000 and AS 3439

7. Understanding and Reading Schematic Drawings

8. Team Worker with ability to work unsupervised when required

9. Perform tasks with excellent workmanship

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