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In Canberra at last!


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Hi all,

We've finally arrived in sunny Canberra! :blush:

After what seemed an epic flight we touched down on Friday and have thoroughly enjoyed our first weekend.

GonnabeACT - if memory serves me correctly, you should be here by now too? Hope you had a good journey & you're finding your feet ok?

Off to the bank today to sort out our accounts and picking up our hire car later this afternoon so that we can start exploring our surroundings and get an idea of areas we'd like to rent in. Any advice on areas is welcome.

It would be great to meet up for a coffee soon (PieterK, Candice M or GonnabeACT), so if anyone is available drop me a line

Hope to hear from you soon & thank you for all the support



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Welcome!!! It is GREAT to be here! ... I have sent to a PM with my number .... Later

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Welcome to both of you :holy: . I suggest you pop a message to Johnny & Rene (on this forum) to let them know your e-mail address and telephone numbers. Rene organises socials every now-and-then so you could meet fellow Saffers in Canberra.

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Congrats and Enjoy.

All the best with everything that needs doing, hope you settle asap



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We arrived in Canberra on 9 March .......WOW, what a whirlwind so far!

First impressions of Canberra... beautiful, green, well-organised and most of all - CIVILISED! It was reasonably easy to get settled - everyone we have met has been very helpful.

We even saw our first kangaroo while on a walk through a nature park in the suburbs! :ilikeit:

We are renting a house in Springbank Rise in Casey, and Gungahlin has been a good choice for us.

The children have settled well at Gold Creek Primary.

We are both still trying to find employment. We have been for some interviews and I guess we just need to keep at it and be patient.

GOOD LUCK to those of you still on the SA side!! To those people already in Canberra - we hope to meet all of you soon!


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HI Jenni,

Congrat's on landing and I'm sure you will be happy tere, we hope to join you soon.

Looks like someone is going to have to organise an ACT coffee club meet and greet soon :ilikeit: maybe IamInACT :whome:

Anyway all of you enjoy the good life and see you soon.


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