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Dentists in Brisbane


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Being new in Brissie searched on the internet for a dentist. Found one and managed to get a same day appointment "because of a cancellation". I rushed there got lost and finally found a park and only to be told by the young receptionist that there is a 20 minute delay. Well, 20 minutes turned in 40 mins then eventually 1 hour later we were called in.

I then told Dr Robert Zhang that it is unacceptable to keep patients waiting for an hour and that his receptionist could have called and let us know that he was running late. I told him that like he charges for his time I too can charge him for my time. It didn't get any better his young dental nurse was so unorganised and could barely walk in her high hills and mini skirt. I have never in my life seen a nurse in high hills at work.

He was couldn't find anything wrong and got annoyed because he could not get another x-ray of the tooth because he was hurting me so much by forcing the plate thingy in my mouth that i said that i couldnt go ahead with it. Well, did he through a mini tantrum and then proceeded to start cleaning, polishing and fluoriding my mouth. I told him that i was there for the pain in my gum and not for a clean. He just grunts and continues.

When i got back to reception he charged me over $200 and the receptionist said that i am lucky he gave me a $17 discount. As you can imagine i did not hold back.



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Thanks for the heads up !

I too am looking for a good dentist in the Bribane North area......so if anyone has any recommendations out there - please let's hear them!

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I am sorry you had such a bad experience, as it is everyone dreads the dentist.

I cannot help with dentists on the northside but can recommend an excellent dentistry on the bayside called TFI. They were recommended to me and I have recommended them to others. Everyone who goes there is really happy with them. They are extra polite friendly and gentle. Their number is 3588 0899

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I recently went to FabDental in Paddington and they were excellent! I can't recall the name of my dentist, but Dr Annette Gareis is a South African dentist if you want to try her.

Good luck!

Pippa! X

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