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101 Poedings & yskasterte


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Hallo Daar!!

Hier is iets vir elke smaak , nuk en gril.

O Ja ..Annette . Ek het al regte gekookte kondensmelk gekoop en dis lekker dik net soos "in the old country". Vra vir SS sy weet van alle suiwel produkte :(:blush:



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Hmmm Suidwes,

Dankie, nou kan ek nog ekstra kilos aanpile!!! Ek het mos n verskoning!!!


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so jy het ook daai lekker 101 email gekry...

dit verbaas my altyd om te sien hoe emails die wereld vol travel en weer 'n keer die rontes maak.

Regtig lekker resepte in :ilikeit:



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Hey guys!

Help - i am battling to convert the recipe for the bar one fridge tart into english, please please can anyone help? I cant understand everything 100%

Thanks & sorrreeee but it sounds yummy!


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120g cream cheese

3 Bar Ones cut into pieces

250ml cream beaten

700ml milk

2 packets of chocolate flavour instant pudding

1 packet Romany Creams, broken into pieces

50g grated chocolate

Mix the cream cheese and the Bar Ones.

Fold in the beaten cream.

Beat the milk and instant pudding together, put it into the fridge to set for 5 minutes.

Spoon one third of the instant pudding into a glass pudding dish.

Sprinkle half of the biscuits over the instant pudding, then half of the cream cheese mixture.

Repeat the layers until you end with the final third of the chocolate mixture.

Spoon over the cream cheese mixture then the left over instant pudding mixture on top.

Sprinkle the rest of the Bar One pieces and the grated chocolate over the top and place it in the fridge for 4-5 hours until it has set.

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