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leia: Not fleeing here, but moving there?


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hi, I am brand new.

I am probably not doing it correctly but shove me where is need to be.

I lived in OZ for 1 year in 2000, I had to come back as I was on a defacto visa 4 year work visa. Since I have been back, I have thought of nothing else but to go back.. I felt I belong there, and miss it everyday. Even my dog's name is Ozzie.

It is not about running away, but just going somewhere that suits me.

I spend my weekends in the townships picking up stray dogs, and teaching black kiddies once a month.. I am exhausted living in SA , every day breaks my heart because all the hardships here.....I am a little sensitive i know....

I live in luxury now, but cant wait to have my little prefab house in OZ..

My question is this: If I go to Australia , and I get Montessori teaching job/or any other job in Australia, and get sponsored, can that convert to PR later?(qualified Montessori teacher)

I have been in the Polymer industry for 8 years, and was told I could get in as a technical Manager, but it would take a long time.. I need the quickest route. I have an aunt in Perth. I am 39 and 5 points short.

I wish you could get in by writing a motivation letter... i just know that there are people in Australia that complain and are always bashing the country, bloody cheecky.....I cry when I hear "land downunder and Waltizing Matilda"... anyway ..any info would be awesome, let me get back to making some money for my big move....

have an fabulous day to all of you lucky folks in Ozzie! xx

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Hello Leia

As far as I know, the fastest ways to get a visa is a 457 Visa - you must be sponsored by an employer in Australia - This visa class can be as quick as just a few weeks. Once in Aus, you can apply for PR.

If you don't have sponsorship by an employer, the next criteria is to be on the Critical Skills / Shortages List. If one of your career paths is on the CSL, then you can apply for a 175 (independent, skilled worker - 120 points required) or a 176 (sponsored skilled worker - having sponsorship from your Aunt - 100 points required). These visa options can take from 6 months to much longer - see the topic about Lodging a 175 visa.

If I remember correctly, the 175 is PR, the 176 is temporary, but as with the 457, once in Aus you can apply for PR

The www.immi.gov.au site has tons of info regarding all of these options.

These are by no means the only options, they're just the ones which I have researched as being the quickest way in.

Other people on the forum will have other options they have researched - I'm sure there are some teachers who can advise about this angle.

good luck

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[Hi Leia

Well i can only suggest that you find a 457 sponsor as this can become PR. This is the route we went. Look into all the education sites ect.

It makes me feel real good to hear some talk so possitive about both countries. You can not forget your roots. We have been here for almost 2 years and i long so to stand on SA soil again, but in saying so, knowing that i am coming back to my new home. This has been a hard venture for us but we decided that home it will be. My daughter will be joining us some time this year :) and i miss her terriblly. The life style here is priceless :) and as hubby say he is getting use to the cardboard :) houses.

What i really wanted to let you know was that we decided to start an Australian family here and we too have an "Ozzi" (crossed australian terrior silky) and a "Matilda" (Shi tsu crossed poodle). Oh and a "Bruce" the budgie.

So it has to be home.

Reach for the stars and know that you can make it happen. We wish you all the best in your search and hope to see you in Aus / Qld soon.

Nothing that is worth it comes easy.

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As far as I know, the fastest ways to get a visa is a 457 Visa - you must be sponsored by an employer in Australia - This visa class can be as quick as just a few weeks. Once in Aus, you can apply for PR.

If I remember correctly, the 175 is PR, the 176 is temporary, but as with the 457, once in Aus you can apply for PR

Hiya and welcome to the forum

A 175 is permanent residence, a 176 is State Sponsored permanent residence. You can only apply for a 457 if you have a sponsoring company, only then, i think, after a certain period can you apply for a ENS Permanent residency, which the original sponsoring company might assist or you can do it alone. Otherwise do a standard PR 175

Herby is right, the 457 is the fastest and can be granted within a matter of a few weeks but the hardest part of this is finding a company to sponsor you - thats where all the delay comes in.

There are major delays with PR's at the moment since the 23rd Sept changes, just be aware of that but it depends if you are on CSL or not?

All the best with which ever route you take.

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Hi Leia

The easiest way is to get a 457 (long stay business visa), after 2 years you can apply for PR.

Below are 2 websites, they will help you find employer that will sponsor.


www.bridgesrelocation.com OR http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php?showtopic=27613

Here are some state education job portals:








You can try yourself ... below are some online jobsites:

www.seek.com.au - Online CV ---- GOOD JOB MAILS



www.linkme.net.au - Online CV

au.iprofile.org - Online CV

www.byron.com.au ---- GOOD JOB MAILS







Regards T

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