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Bjorn Again

The Parsons Family

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There is a FREE concert in Wanneroo on Saturday, 13 January.

"The City of Wanneroo invites you, your friends and your family to attend a FREE Summer Concert to remember.

Pack your favourite picnic and rug and come and see one of the world’s best tribute bands.

Bjorn Again have performed at over 4000 concerts in over 60 countries worldwide - Even for Elton John at his Birthday! Bjorn Again have become the most successful act of its type.

Face painting and bouncy castles will be available FREE for the children from 4.00pm. There will be limited food vendors on site."

I thought this sounded like a good night out for those of us who enjoy ABBA and who are trying desperately to save ;)

Would anyone like to join us???


Undercover ABBA Fan :D

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Will have to make a plan, you undercover Abba thingey, WKD, etc.... however will bring along copious amounts of ol' Jack D as Abba doesn't quite do it for me :holy: - you know me - being the ardent and ever so avid rocker that I am.... :ilikeit: he he he... BTW, ta for the t shirt (Gaille) - didn't even know you'd been here to drop it off - just shows you how wake up I am at the best of times.... tsk tsk

Cya soon Abba lova (giggle) :lol::(:whome:

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Bjorn Again played at the July open air concert at Darling Harbour in Sydney the year before last. If you enjoy Abba music, you will really enjoy them! Wish I was in Perth!


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