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Back from Italy----WOW


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Been back a while now from our week long trip in Italy, really really really cool place to visit. Took 450 photos !!!! You gotta love digital :lol: Flew into Rome, stayed there for 3 nights, so much history. It is really overwhelming, very touristy though which we expected. Cheap public transport aswell. Language barrier a slight problem but not too bad. Saw the colleseum, pantheon, The Vatican (wow), too many things to mention. The Vatican is worth the trip on its own. Got cheapish accommodation aswell.

Took the train to Pisa from there, nice 4 hour trip. Saw the leaning tower, it really leans alot!!! Not to much else to do there. Got back on the train to Florence, hour or so, not to bad. Slept there for 2 nights, got upgraded from our 3* to a 4* hotel cause they buggered up the booking :lol: . All the towns are so different from one another, seemed like we were in another country, but it was only a few hours away.

Last train trip took us up to Venice :lol::lol: Like nothing i've ever seen before. So so so so weird, everything done by boat. Heaps and heaps of church's. So much water, really a different way of life. Even the postman has a boat !!!! Public transport there was expensive, but then again it was by boat. Very busy aswell, always on the go. Great food throughout Italy, all we ate was Pizza, Pasta and Bread. Oh yes and the only coffee we could get was Espresso's. Kept me going like the Duracell bunny!!!! We walked alot, seriously, I mean alot, no really alot. But it was well worth it. Thanks a million to all those that said Italy was great and urged us to go. Definetly going to remember our 1st wedding anniversary.


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Hi Mitch

Sounds great! :lol: Glad you had a nice time, is this your last trip to Europe before Oz?

We are planning a week in Scotland, Skye - for June, and possibly a week with caravan in Lake Ditstrict in April - cheap! Can't believe how cheap camping is in UK (and good quality and safe) compared to SA at the moment. Most nights are between a fiver and tenner. Next summer we hope to take the caravan over to Europe, and tour via the Pyrinees, Southern France, Southern Alps and then to Italy. Cheap, just the fuel and ferry ticket will cost some, the camping in Europe is very budget, but will have to save up until then, so will see. Will have to ask for some pointers re Italy where is the nicest to go.

We want to stay at one location for a week and see Italy with day trips. This will be our last trip then, we will have to look after pennies for Oz, I am studying and childcare is horrendous :lol: , so maybe we'll wait after Ive been back at work for a year. Will also have to write Oz conversion exams :lol::lol:

how far are your plans?

good luck!

Bianca and family

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Hi Bianca and Family, Scotland is cool, we went to Edinburgh, South of France is lovely aswell, we went in November and the weather was nice and warm. We are still here for 5 or so months so we must use our schengen visa to its full extent. Hopefully Barcelona or Amsterdam next, live close to Gatwick and the coast so travel is a bit easier. Just shout if you need info on Italy, dont know that much but every little helps :ilikeit:

Plans have been a bit slow of late with Festive season and all. Want to go around May/June, got offered a job just waiting for the final offer :ilikeit:

Chow for now


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