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Teach kids/people to swim in Aus


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I thought I would pass this on, seeing that I have the website address here and some of you are struggling to find work and may find it difficult to integrate. I'm talking about the people that say they want to do any job and women who want to get out there and earn a bit of money while getting to know new people. My Aussie niece is 18 and in did this course straight after finishing her year 12 (matric) so that she can earn money in her gap year before Uni. Your certificate is recognized by this country wide body and the jobs are very much in demand, I mean they are begging her to work more hours. There is a great shortage of swimming instructors in Aus, and you will normally be placed in a job straight after the course. She earns $21 a hour and it is very flexible to arrange classes around your life. As you all know there are pools all around so travelling to work wont be too far. I think her course was a few weeks and cost about $250. Could not check with her for sure, since Madam has cash to burn and is not returning my txt! :ilikeit: Check the link.

Ok, update: Her course was 2 days, then 20 hours practical experience. Cost $320.


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