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Wow! Can't believe how time is flying by! Just the other day we had our visas approved and now our trip to Aus is coming nearer and nearer!

In a strange way I feel excited but nervous. Gosh I don't know how I'm going to feel the day I have to pack up everything and leave for good! People would think I am crazy, but in a strange way overseas holidays stresses me out!

I am looking forward to see what Canberra is all about. We will spend our time between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. I would like to meet up with some Saffers in Canberra over a cupa, asking some questions! :rolleyes:

We rented a camper van and will be in Aus for 2,5 weeks. I'm still struggling to get hold of a GPS. Our car rental company doesn't hire out GPS's. So if there is anyone who can assist I would be more than grateful!

I'll keep you guys up to date!

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Thanks GonnabeACT!

Still have a lot to plan and think about. Think once I am on that plane I'll start to relax!

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