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Cameron: Rookies, The Forsyth's


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Hi All, well lets see now where do i start.......? My wife and myself are looking to make the BIG move over to Aus and to be honest we are actually very excited about the propect. I, Cameron, am 36 years old and have primarily been in a sales/ account management position over the years and mainly in cellular (Vodacom) and Asset finance companies through my carreer. I am absolutley crazy about anything with a motor (especially cars & F1) a real petrol head! I was born and bred in Durban, where we currently live and attended Westville Boys High School and Technikon Natal.

As for my wife, Michelle, she is 27 years old and a qualified dentist from sasolburg and also a F1 fan (not as crazy as me). She attended Sasolburg High and University of Western Cape for her tertiary education. At the moment our 20 month old son, Ethan, is her major hobbie and pretty much consumes vast amounts of our free time. As i am sure most of you will appreciate, we are doing the move to Aus for him. We just dont feel we can raise a kid (s) in this environment and well the benefits for us are just a bonus!!!

We are in the process of finalising the paperwork and will submit to the agents assisting us in the New Year so we can kick this thing off. At the moment we are looking at Perth as option 1 with Brisbane a close second. Any info or advice from anyboby in these cities would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks & Merry Christmas! HOHOHO

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Hi Cameron,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your decision with moving to Australia! :D Are you perhaps related to Stuart Forsyth who just posted before you in the Foyer and also new to the forum? :unsure:

Enjoy the forum.

Bye, Pippa! X

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Hey Cameron

What are the odds of another set of Forsyths :D

Welcome to the forum, I'm a newb here as well but so far the people have been awesome!

I can't believe how much information is contained on this site, it seems you can find answers to most things - good luck with your journey - it is an exhilarating and sometimes exhausting roller-coaster.

Sure we'll chat more

Stuart Forsyth

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Hi Cameron and family

Lived happily in Kloof for many years, so I know where you come from!!!

Have been on the Gold Coast for 5 years and have settled well here with the other half of Durban/jhb/pta.

good luck with the process. Difficult , but 100% worth it in the end!

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Hey Pipa

I saw that as well and actually have touched base with Stuart (no relation) already---- how odd hey?

Thanks fo the support.

I am sure we will be chatting more.



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