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Northern Territory Government


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As jy belangstel in werk in die Northern Territory en jy het dalk die nodige kwalifikasies, kyk dan gereeld na die volgende website. www.makeyourmark.nt.gov.au.

Daar is gereeld poste daarin en ek is verbaas hoeveel saffers hier bly. Ons is nou al amper 10 maande hier en geniet die plek baie. In een van die kantore in Darwin in ons stadbepalnning afdeling sit 3 Suid Afrikaners. Een van my projekte is daar 2 Suid Afrikaners in beheer van die projekte. Dis 'n lekker gevoel om die Aussies te wys hoe om dinge te doen.

Selfde geld vir polisie en korrektiewe dienste poste. Hulle soek gereeld mense en ek weet met polisie kry jy 'n gratis huis en 7 weke jaarlikse verlof.

Die NT Government sponsor jou op 'n 457 visa en doen dan gewoontlik na 6 maande jou RSMS visa. Jy moet dan 2 jaar in die NT bly en werk voor jy kan skuif na waar ookal jy wil gaan....dis nou as jy wil skuif want die NT is 'n lekker plek :ilikeit:

Onder 'n uittreksel van die website:


To legally work in Australia you will need to obtain or be sponsored on a visa. There are a variety of visas but the most commonly used (sponsored) visas for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure are the 457 work visa and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa.

To be considered for these visas you must meet the below minimum requirements:

Must have a University degree qualification (in limited circumstances a diploma or trade certificate may suffice)

Must be able to satisfy any mandatory licensing, registration or similar requirements for your occupation.

Have skills and experience which match the requirements of the role

Be proficient in English equivalent to an average band score of 4.5 across the four test components in the

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test.

For further information please visit the Australian Department of Immigration at www.immi.gov.au

Please thoroughly research other visas available to you and it is advised that you check if your profession is listed on the Skilled Occupation List (pdf)

Relocation Assistance can be offered to successful candidates.


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Ek ken 'n man en vrou wat in Somerset-Wes in die SAPD is. Hulle stel belang om te emigreer - ek gaan hulle bietjie laat weet hiervan. Daar behoort seker werk te wees vir hulle? Hulle werk al albei 'n hele paar jaar lank, die een werk in die forensiese afdeling. thanx!

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My hubby is in the Correctional Services here in Cape Town (Pollsmoor), and at this stage we will do anything to get to Oz (have already applied for family sponsored 176 PR visa and not sure we can wait until 2012). Never considered the Northern Territories as an option (we would like to move to Sydney - have family there), but if this is the way in, then so be it. Thanks for the info, will investigate, and if you have any contacts please send them our way! :ilikeit:

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Thanks for the tip, I send it to someone that may use it.

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