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LSD Trip during 2010 Soccer . . .


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What do you guys think :unsure: - would this be a good idea?

The best time for us to go on our LSD would be in June school holidays. Say from 18 June till say 30 June BUT this would be right in the middle of the soccer world cup which will be from 11 June till 11 July!

Would help if one could get some inside info on OR Tambo's flight schedules for 18 & 30 June.

Any ideas?

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I've received the following via email, and can't vouch for the accuracy of the information. Have a look at it, and check with your travel agent whether this is correct:

Good Morning

I am not sure whether you were included, or have received the information below from your travel agents.

It is very important information, which we will all need to know and remember for next year, so please keep on reading, and please feel free to forward this on to anybody that I might have neglected to include or even all your major travellers.

Guidelines on World Cup 2010


The purpose of this document is to create awareness around probable business travel restrictions during the Soccer World Cup to be held June - July 2010.

Although the official World Cup is 11 June - 11 July 2010, the period between March and July 2010 will be an exceptionally busy period with the pre- and post- arrangements that will have a huge impact on business travel.

Overview of what is to be expected during the World Cup:

1. Volume of Travellers expected

The World Cup is approximately 15 times bigger than the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The media contingent that will attend is estimated at 30 000. Business travel is disrupted purely due to the volume of supporters.

All indications are that approximately 220 000 long haul visitors will attend, 180 000 visitors from Africa and an average of 150 000 local supporters. On any match day it is envisaged that 100 000 travellers will need to use a travel commodity i.e. flight or road / rail transportation.

An additional 2 000 busses have been imported (overload on road transport) to carry these supporters. It is predicted that supporters will watch their team play every 3 or 4 days. When their teams are not playing, supporters will frequent the Fan Parks or embark on tours within the city of their choice.

2. Fan Parks

Fan Parks are situated in central areas so that general public can watch all the games. Entrance to the Fan Parks is free and it is expected that these Fan Parks will attract a lot of visitors. In Germany 2006 one Fan Park attracted 500 000 spectators to watch one game. To avoid large transport infrastructure expense, training venues will also double as public viewing sites.

Fan Parks in the Western Cape

The Grand Parade Somerset West Road

Stellenbosch Bellville Velodrome

Swartklip Atlantis

Khayelitsha Nomzamo Yethu (Hout Bay)

Training Facilities in the Western Cape

Newlands Rugby Ground UCT Rugby Ground

UWC Soccer Field Bellville Rugby Ground

Stellenbosch Rugby Ground Athlone Stadium

Fan Parks in Johannesburg (list to be updated)

Mary Fitzgerald Square in the Newton precinct

Fan Parks in Soweto are to be expected.

Innes-Free Park in Sandton,

Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown

Fan Parks in Durban (list to be updated)

The Durban Beach Front has been earmarked as one of Durban’s preferred sites for one or more Fan Parks during 2010.

3. Flights

To date no airline has released any prices or strategies for the World Cup period.

On pre and post match-days flights into and out of the venue cities will be overbooked. Due to the sheer volume of travellers, huge delays can be expected.

World Cup teams will use charter aircrafts and plan to use 2nd tier airports however their supporters will use the general airports. These airports will focus on scheduled international and domestic flights.

4. Accommodation

All the major hotel brands within South Africa have contracted with MATCH at a pre-defined room rate and therefore the normal Corporate rates will not be available during this period.

According to FIFA there is an approximate shortfall of 18 000 rooms for the World Cup. This supply and demand scenario allows B&B’s / Guesthouses to offer rooms at a premium.

5. Car Rental

It is most likely that all car rental companies will go on “stop-sale†for the period of the World Cup and rental cars will be scarce.

6. Road Closures

It is indicated that there will be limited access and in some instances complete road closures in the areas surrounding the stadium and fan parks. This will make it difficult for travellers to move freely between offsite meetings.

7. Critical Date

The next critical date for the WC2010 is the 4th December 2009 when the Pool draw is completed. This draw will indicate where the teams will be based and where their supporters will be spending most of their time.

8. Fixtures

The match schedule will be updated after the draw on the 4th December 2009. Games will be played at: 13h30, 16h00 and 20h30. Travellers need to allow for traffic congestion both at the stadium and the Fan Parks. It is advisable to allow 2hrs lead time if travelling to / from these areas.


• Do not travel during these periods unless it is critical to travel.

• Plan your trip well in advance, changes to a ticket over this period will be extremely difficult and very expensive.

• Try to make appointments at a location that is in the opposite direction of a stadium / fan park..

• Take flights during the times of when the games are being played. Games start at 13h30.

• Allow for a minimum of 2 hours to get to the airport in Cape Town and possibly 3 hours for Johannesburg. The congestion on the roads both to and from the Airports is going to be chaotic – plan for delays.

• Parking at the airport will be virtually impossible and it is advisable to get someone to drop / collect you from the airports. Transfer companies will be busy with tourists and will also be very expensive.

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That just sounds chaotic. It recommends you don't travel during those periods, heck I wouldn't even go and buy bread and milk. Can you just imagine what those fan parks are going to be like? especially since they are free?!!! 500 000 to watch one game!! Considering Germany's most populous town is Berlin with about 3.4 mill citizens and Joburg has 3.9 mill and Durban 3.5 mill that will be alot of people at the fan parks!!! Add in the fact there is probally a higher unemployment rate in SA then there was in Germany back in 2006.

Read a couple of interesting things though...like the German Teams security saying they will be wearing bullet proof vests

BaySecur, the security consultancy in charge of Jogi’s boys next summer, gave us a little view into the process:

“The possibility for the players of moving outside of the hotel boundaries should be kept to a minimum. Otherwise there must be a full escort: armed security guards and bullet-proof vests for the players.â€


and this article by the UK telegraph - World Cup 2010 - England fans ' virtually certain' to die in South Africa http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/...uth-Africa.html

Very glad I will be witnessing this all from 'boring' Canberra :)


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I am also worried about the chaos. Are the flight prices still the same or has it gone up for the Jun/Jul period - did you get quotes yet?

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Thank you Bees and CandiceM for the USEFULL info!

I Agree with JennyR - total CHAOS!

Will definately reconsider :) !

Yes, Dreams, I got quotes on Travelstart for 2 adults from JHB to Brisbane via Perth on Quantas something like

R26 000 and on SAA something like R56 000 :o . . . !

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And here we are busy planning on validating our visa's end March to early April 2010 :) Might have to rethink our strategy :o

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I am hopefully going back to SA for a wedding in April!

Making sure I get in and out before any of the real 2010 chaos starts :ilikeit:

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And here we are busy planning on validating our visa's end March to early April 2010 :ilikeit: Might have to rethink our strategy ;)

Don't think it will realy be hectic end March, early April already.

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