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Housing in the Adelaide hills


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When you drive south east from the city centre of Adelaide, you strike the "Toll Gate" which is an old toll gate, as so named, and this is the limit of suburban development in the inner suburbs of Adelaide.

There is a three lane motorway, the "South Eastern Freeway", that takes you at 100 km/hr up to the Adelaide hills in 6 minutes . . . no stops or robots.

The first turn off is "Crafers" quickly followed a km later by "Stirling"

Another 2 kms on you turn off for "Aldgate" and "Bridgewater".

There are two kinds of housing in the Adelaide hills basically . . . . "suburban" (less than 1 acre) and "country" where there is acreage.

Bridgewater can be loosely termed as "Suburban"

a typical Bridgewater street scene


Housing . . . note there is no need for security fences here or burglar bars on windows. I sleep with my windows wide open in the next township


front garden is small


The entrance to the house


view of the patio outside the back door


back garden views




looking along the back of the house


looking toward the back patio and the back of the house


From memory, this house sold recently for $450,000 and is 25 mins drive from the city centre of Adelaide.

Similar housing in Sydney would be $1million + and twice the distance from the city centre.

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thanks Bob, nice to see! Would like to see more pics from Adelaide/ S Oz. Will send you a pm.

Cant wait!! :D

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Hi Bob,

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics! :D I see that the pictures were taken in 2004. Considering the drought in Australia, I reckon it is not as green anymore or am I wrong? :unsure:

Bye, Pippa! X

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